• In February 2010, issuance of the main license from NBC.

• In August 2011, 2nd new branch ( PDT Branch).

• In September 2011, registration of trade mark at MOC (CamCap, Cam Capital and logo).

• In August 2013, issuance of the main license from NBC as Cam Capital Specialized Bank Plc.

• In February 2014, 3rd  new branch (CHC Branch).

• In January 2015, 4th new branch (RSK Branch).

• In October 2015, 5th new branch (BKK Branch).

• Official name change to DGB Specialized Bank Plc on 18 January 2018

In June 2018, 6th new branch (OLP Branch)

• In September 2018, 7th new branch (SMC Branch)